When to take the theory test?

Jan 1, 2024 | Tests, Theory | 0 comments

Ok, so you have a choice. “When should I take my theory test?” Firstly, you should not take the test until you are fully prepared for it!

When you should take it is completely up to you, but you won’t be able to book your practical driving test until you’ve pass the theory test.

Becoming a good driver means blending what you learn in books with actual driving skills. The theory test isn’t just something you cram for and then forget. It’s like getting you ready for the responsibility that comes with being an official driver. Sadly, not everyone sees it that way.

Picture learning to drive as being part of a band. The theory test is the quieter, lesser known member – not as flashy, kind of teased, and often overlooked. But here’s the thing: The band wouldn’t be the same without them. You need those basic harmonies and a regular person to make the singer’s talent stand out. Driving is a bit like that too.

The theory test is a big deal in getting your license. It gives you the lowdown on how things work on the road, making you a smarter driver. Without it, you might do the driving moves, but you won’t really get the how, when, and why. So, instead of thinking the theory test is just in the way of your practical test, see it as a helpful checkpoint in your learning journey!

So earlier the better would seem to be a good choice, but remember, once you pass the test it’s only valid for 2 years. This should be plenty for most people, but its best you keep a track of time!

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