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Kev Lynes is an expert behind the wheel with over 20 years of experience in driver training. Get started with Kev today and get on the roads. Let’s succeed together!

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20 Years Of Experience in Driver Training

I started out my driver training career on London buses! I was a classroom based trainer and assessor before I become an instructor out on the road.

I have passed many driving tests in my career, including car (of course!), bus and lorries. I have also been lucky enough to have passed an advanced driving test and have several driving and teaching related qualifications.

My Mission

I want you to be the safest driver you can be! the tests aren’t the end goal, they are part of the journey. you’ll learn everything you will need in order to be a safe (and great) driver!

My Vision

Id love our roads to be some of the safest roads in the world. this starts with you! Just being able to drive a car is great, but I want people I learn mot drive to be safe drivers. I want you to be great at driving. I don’t want your car to be an extension of your feet, I want the car to be an extension of you! Too many people get hurt or killed on out road every year, and I want this statistic to improve. Click to find out more.

Driving Lessons

Looking to become an expert behind the wheel? Look no further than Kev Lynes Driver Training. Our expert driving lessons are designed to not only help you pass your driving test but also to make you a safe and confident driver for life.


Looking to master theory training? Kev Lynes Driver Training has got you covered! Access comprehensive material, ensuring you’re fully equipped to pass your test. Engage with our interactive app and become a confident and well-prepared driver. Start your theory training today and join us in making our roads safer!

Confidence & Nerves

Boost your driving confidence with Kev Lynes Driver Training. Specialising in empowering individuals with autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties, our personalised support ensures your success on the road. Begin your driving transformation today.

Area we cover

Lincoln & Sleaford

and villages in between, such as:



Bracebridge Heath





North Hykham


South Hykham





Map of the area that Kev Lynes Driver Training covers.

Our Customer Feedback

Don’t take our word for it. Trust our customers

I am currently learning with Kev, he is very patient as I am a nervous learner. So I would 100% recommend Kev Lynes!


Outstanding instructor his patients with students is amazing. He takes his time to teach his pupils and helps them understand if he is teaching a new skill or correcting a mistake. Always takes into consideration what I would like to learn in each lesson making learning to driving fun rather than scary. 😊


I started my driving lessons in the UK completely from the beginning with Kev and it was extremely smooth that I passed my test after just roughly 20 lessons. Kev was always calm, helpful and encouraging. He made all lessons comfortable for me and prioritised safety on top of everything. He was flexible to tailor each lesson to suit what I needed or expected to improve during my journey. He was also willing to spend time after the lessons for discussion on driving in both theory and practical circumstances on the road, and even for chatting sometimes. I’m satisfied and totally recommend Kev.


Aced my practical test at the first try!
Kev is a fantastic instructor. Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of driving. He’s a patient and calm teacher and i strongly recommend for anyone looking to ace the driving test!


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