Confidence & Nerves

Do you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed behind the wheel?


Do nerves get the best of you when navigating busy roads? You’re not alone. At Kev Lynes Driver Training, we specialise in helping drivers overcome their lack of confidence, anxiety, and stress on the road.

Our tailored training programmes are designed to empower you with the skills and mindset needed to feel calm, capable, and in control while driving. Whether you’re a new driver, returning to driving after a hiatus, or simply looking to boost your confidence, our experienced instructors are here to support you every step of the way.

With a focus on building trust in your abilities and developing practical strategies for managing anxiety, our sessions provide a supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace. From mastering basic manoeuvres to navigating challenging scenarios, we’ll work together to strengthen your confidence behind the wheel.

I’ve trained with Kev & Tracey Field at to help people with driving confidence and anxiety. I use the StayCalm system to provide a calm training environment, plus access to a wealth of resources that we can use together to help you become a more confident driver! 

How can I manage my anxiety while driving?

Managing anxiety while driving involves a few key strategies. Start with deep breathing exercises to help calm your nerves before and during your drive. Practice staying focused on the present moment, and gradually expose yourself to driving situations that make you anxious, beginning with less challenging environments and slowly progressing to more difficult ones. Regular practice and becoming familiar with the car controls can also help build your confidence over time.

What should I do if I panic in a difficult driving situation?

If you start to panic while driving, the first thing to do is find a safe place to pull over and take a break. Use deep breathing techniques to calm yourself. It’s important to remind yourself that it’s okay to take your time and that everyone makes mistakes. Once you feel more relaxed, you can re-evaluate the situation and proceed when you’re ready. Over time, with practice and preparation, these panic moments will decrease.

How can I improve my confidence with manoeuvres like parallel parking or reversing?

Improving confidence with manoeuvres comes with practice and technique. Break the manoeuvre down into small, manageable steps and practice each step individually until you feel comfortable. Use reference points to guide you, such as the position of your mirrors or certain road markings. Practising in a quiet, stress-free environment can also help build your confidence before attempting the manoeuvre in more challenging situations.

What techniques can help me stay calm when other drivers are impatient or aggressive?

Staying calm in the face of impatient or aggressive drivers is all about focusing on your own driving. Remember that their behaviour is not a reflection of your skills. Keep a safe distance, avoid engaging with aggressive drivers, and follow the rules of the road. If necessary, pull over to a safe spot until the aggressive driver has moved on. Practising defensive driving techniques can help you feel more secure and in control.

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20 Years Of Experience in Driver Training

I started out my driver training career on London buses! I was a classroom based trainer and assessor before I become an instructor out on the road.

I have passed many driving tests in my career, including car (of course!), bus and lorries. I have also been lucky enough to have passed an advanced driving test and have several driving and teaching related qualifications.

My Mission

I want you to be the safest driver you can be! the tests aren’t the end goal, they are part of the journey. you’ll learn everything you will need in order to be a safe (and great) driver!

My Vision

Id love our roads to be some of the safest roads in the world. this starts with you! Just being able to drive a car is great, but I want people I learn mot drive to be safe drivers. I want you to be great at driving. I don’t want your car to be an extension of your feet, I want the car to be an extension of you! Too many people get hurt or killed on out road every year, and I want this statistic to improve. Click to find out more.