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Looking to become an expert behind the wheel? Look no further than Kev Lynes Driver Training. Our expert driving lessons are designed to not only help you pass your driving test but also to make you a safe and confident driver for life.


Looking to master theory training? Kev Lynes Driver Training has got you covered! Access comprehensive material, ensuring you’re fully equipped to pass your test. Engage with our interactive app and become a confident and well-prepared driver. Start your theory training today and join us in making our roads safer!

Confidence & Nerves

Boost your driving confidence with Kev Lynes Driver Training. Specialising in empowering individuals with autism, ADHD, and learning difficulties, our personalised support ensures your success on the road. Begin your driving transformation today.

Neurodivergent and Thinking About Learning to Drive?

You are in the right place for advice and learning tailored to meet your needs. 

Being neurodivergent (autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, etc) in a neurotypical world can be very confusing. 

If you are thinking about learning to drive, you may have many questions and doubts about the process. That is only natural.

Everyone is nervous when they start learning to drive; if you are neurodivergent, these nerves may be amplified. 

But remember, you are not alone in this journey.

I Understand, and I am Here to Help

I am specially trained to teach neurodivergent people to drive, and I understand how you feel. 

I have helped neurodivergent people pass their tests, and you could be next!

Everybody is different, and I will not try to teach you using a one-size-fits-all approach. 

I always tailor my lessons to the learner driver's needs, including considering neurodivergence and any other challenges you may have.

I Have Practical Solutions to Your Worries and Concerns

When we first meet, we will discuss your feelings, any particular concerns, and how I can best support you in passing your test. 

I have experience and training in teaching people who may be particularly anxious or have unique needs. 

My job is to find a way for you to learn to drive that works for you, so leave those worries to me!

If you need reasonable adjustments with your lessons, the test, or both, I will help you secure the support you need. 

You are just as entitled to drive as anyone else, and I will help you gain the freedom that a driver’s licence brings.

I know you will have more questions before taking the next step, so I have tried to answer the most common concerns below. 

I am also very happy to chat with you to answer any other questions and start to get to know you before you make any decision. 

Take the first step and get in touch now – I’d love to help you and be part of your journey.


Q. Are neurodivergent people (autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, etc.) legally allowed to drive in the UK?

A. Yes. The only restriction is that you must tell DVLA if you have any health condition or take medication that could impact your ability to drive safely. For most neurodivergent people, this is not the case. 

If you are unsure if this would be an issue for you, please get in touch, and I will be very happy to answer your questions and advise you further. Please do not assume that you will not be allowed to drive without getting professional advice!

You can check the DVLA guidance for individual health conditions here.

Q. Should I tick the “learning disabilities” box when applying for my provisional driving licence?

A. Unless being neurodivergent will definitely impact your driving ability, then no! This question is designed to identify people with a condition that will impact their ability to drive safely. In most cases, being neurodivergent, such as autistic, ADHD, or dyslexic, does not prevent you from being a safe driver.

If you do tick this box, you will probably be unable to obtain a provisions licence and it may be very hard to change this. If you are unsure about how to answer this or any other questions when applying for your licence, please contact me first. 

Q. I am dyslexic, so how can I pass the written theory test?

A. You are entitled to reasonable adjustments for dyslexia and any other condition that could impact your theory or practical test. 

There some really helpful theory trainers that I recommend, links are on my resources page here. There is more information about this from the British Dyslexic Association here, and I would be very happy to give you further advice before you start lessons with no obligation.

20 Years Of Experience in Driver Training

I started out my driver training career on London buses! I was a classroom based trainer and assessor before I become an instructor out on the road.

I have passed many driving tests in my career, including car (of course!), bus and lorries. I have also been lucky enough to have passed an advanced driving test and have several driving and teaching related qualifications.

My Mission

I want you to be the safest driver you can be! the tests aren’t the end goal, they are part of the journey. you’ll learn everything you will need in order to be a safe (and great) driver!

My Vision

Id love our roads to be some of the safest roads in the world. this starts with you! Just being able to drive a car is great, but I want people I learn mot drive to be safe drivers. I want you to be great at driving. I don’t want your car to be an extension of your feet, I want the car to be an extension of you! Too many people get hurt or killed on out road every year, and I want this statistic to improve. Click to find out more.


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